Our School

The Emerald City School Difference

At Emerald City School, our mission is to provide children with learning and attention difficulties the support, care, and instruction they need to reach their full potential and to become life-long learners.

Our SchoolWe realize that there are many instructional approaches to help students who are challenged with learning. We also understand that different interventions vary in their effectiveness. Moreover, a “one size fits all” instructional approach does not serve the needs of every child. Whether your child needs help in reading, writing, math, oral language, organization, executive function, or social skills, our caring and skilled faculty will utilize methods of instruction drawn from the latest evidence-based research to ensure that your child’s individual needs are met. We are committed to serving the whole child in concert with his/her family.  A team effort is a critical element to success.

Learning should be engaging and experiential. We take pride in exposing our students to the many and varied experiential learning opportunities that await them outside of the traditional classroom walls. Fine arts opportunities and educational resources are outside our doors in the heart of Seattle and its diverse neighborhoods. These resources complement the well-rounded educational experience that students receive while attending Emerald City School.

Our interventions include explicit instruction and learning strategy models.  We draw from the latest research, which has identified other successful instructional strategies such as:

  • Small interactive groups
  • Controlling task difficulty
  • Repetition and practice
  • Sequencing
  • Technology
  • Directed questioning and responding
  • Strategy cueing
  • Teaching for generalization
  • Monitoring student learning

Who We Serve

Emerald City School serves students with learning difficulties/differences in grades 1 through 9 including those who have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities (LD) such as dyslexia (reading), dysgraphia (writing), and dyscalculia (math). Our school is also designed to meet the needs of children with attention challenges (ADHD, ADD) and Executive Functioning difficulties (problems with planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention, and remembering). Emerald City School recognizes that many children with learning difficulties also have social and emotional issues, which may impact their educational and life success. We accept and serve these children provided their challenges are not so severe as to disrupt the learning environment or require an intensity of services beyond the scope of our program.

We welcome and encourage diversity. Our services are available without regard to ethnic background, race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, national origin, non-disqualifying disability or religion.

Caring And Specialized Faculty

Our teachers are selected for their expertise in learning and attention difficulties. They understand and respond to the needs of our students on an individual basis, as well as in small groups. The warm and supportive environment they create helps students to develop confidence, and close tutelage fosters development of self-awareness and self-advocacy skills. Our teachers communicate regularly with parents; it is not uncommon for parents to hear from a teacher several times weekly. The team relationship between teacher and parent is critical to Emerald City School children’s success. We invite you to dialogue with us about how our strategies may best suit your child. These are important but not complex strategies. Transparency and communication are core values at Emerald City School.