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We realize that there are many instructional approaches to help students who are challenged with learning. We also understand that different interventions vary in their effectiveness. Moreover, a “one size fits all” instructional approach does not serve the needs of every child. Whether your child needs help in reading, writing, math, oral language, organization, executive function, or social skills, our caring and skilled faculty will utilize methods of instruction drawn from the latest evidence-based research to ensure that your child’s individual needs are met. We are committed to serving the whole child in concert with his/her family. A team effort is a critical element to success.

Learning should be engaging and experiential. We take pride in exposing our students to the many and varied experiential learning opportunities that await them outside of the traditional classroom walls. Fine arts opportunities and educational resources are outside our doors in the heart of Seattle and its diverse neighborhoods. These resources complement the well-rounded educational experience that students receive while attending Emerald City School.

Currently serving Upper Elementary,
Middle School and High School students, grades 3-12.



Technology in the classroom.

Leaders in the field.


Technology for 21st Century skills.

Studies have revealed that technology has a positive impact on non-academic school skills for children with a learning disability: These included an increase in independence, more time for social activities, the ability to develop strategies for homework success, and higher self-efficacy.

Emerald City School is a leader in utilizing applications from Apple’s App Store and iBooks. All students are required to have an Apple iPad with at least 32GB of memory or a MacBook with at least 8GB of memory. It is not necessary to have 4G in the iPad. If you choose an iPad, we recommend an external keyboard.

Expert faculty.

Personalized learning.

College preparatory.


Our faculty recognizes the potential in each student and they are expertly trained and certificated to help students develop academic confidence and independence. The support we provide and our style of teaching changes and grows with a student’s academic maturity.


Ami Rudd, PhD

Ami S. Rudd

Executive Director

Molly Dolan

Molly Dolan

Marketing & Operations Manager

Kenneth J. Woolcott

Kenneth J. Woolcott



Council for Exceptional Children

Council for Learning Disabilities

International Dyslexia Association