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Emerald City School believes that every individual with a learning disability can be successful at school, given the right opportunities.

We invite you to explore a list of websites and publications that will guide you to information on LD and ADHD, teaching, professionals in the field, disability rights and advocacy, and government agencies and resource centers.

Emerald City School Blog is a constant resource for the latest research, information and studies, as well as up-to-date happenings. Be sure to check back frequently!

Organizations with reliable information:

US Department of Education TeachingLD is a service of the Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD) of the Council for Exceptional Children, an international professional organization consisting of teachers, psychologists, clinicians, administrators, higher education professionals, parents, and others. Its purpose is to promote the education and general welfare of persons with learning disabilities, encourage interaction among the many disciplinary groups who are concerned with learning disabilities, foster research and advocate for exemplary practices in the field.

Institute of Education Sciences (IES) replaces the former Office of Educational Research and Improvement, which had formerly been responsible for education research and statistics and reflects the intent of the President and Congress to advance the field of education research, making it more rigorous in support of evidence-based education.

National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) provides national leadership in the participation of students with disabilities in national and state assessments, standards-setting efforts, and graduation requirements.