Meditation Break

November 10, 2017

This year, Emerald City School introduced Meditation Break, a 10-15 minute segment of the day to recharge, reset, and build mindful self-awareness. We gather the students together and encourage them to find their calm through guided meditation. The students count their breaths and imagine scenes that boost their sense of harmony. We play soothing music and offer “smells” of essential oils.

Students with learning differences benefit from a focused period of quiet reflection in several ways. They are better able to manage their emotions, they strengthen their visualization skills, and they develop the ability to hold onto one thought at a time. The teachers at ECS have seen improvement in our students’ classroom behavior and increased confidence toward tackling academic challenges after a few weeks of meditation.

The best part of Meditation Break is seeing how much our students enjoy the time. Check out our Facebook page to see our Meditators of the Month!