WE Give Back…at Emerald City School

November 6, 2017

At Emerald City School, we spend lots of time making our community stronger, both within Seattle and throughout the world! Our students are passionate about helping others, and we include opportunities throughout the year for students to brainstorm solutions to community issues and work on projects that are meaningful to them.

This year, we are working again with the WE Organization, a group that provides resources to individuals, students, and institutions who are interested in creating positive world change. A representative from the WE Organization, Mr. Jeff, visited ECS earlier this year and guided us toward creating a project to help those affected by Hurricane Maria. We were inspired after hearing Ms. Ellie share the fact that most disaster relief donations diminish after 30 days, but people affected still need help after that. The students decided to create a Youtube video requesting donations to the American Red Cross Hurricane Maria Relief Fund. Mr. Jeff and the teachers designed a SMART goal with the students to define the parameters of the project. We then created a project timeline and sent the students to work!

Our students are planning to launch their donation video around the holiday season. They have researched news and images from Hurricane Maria and written a one-minute script. Video production begins in computer class in just a few days, and we are also planning an exciting video release party for friends and family! The students have gone the extra mile and are devising a social media marketing plan through Facebook and Twitter as well. At ECS, we have the freedom to allow students to follow their passions and provide them the tools they need to make their ideas come to life.