Graduating High School is a big step in each student’s journey. High School is a time to explore one’s gifts and talents. It’s a time to prepare for what’s next: college/university, community college, trade school, military service, etc.

Emerald City School is committed to providing the depth, breadth, and quality of education that challenges students to discover what’s next for them. Through a rigorous, college-prep-oriented curriculum that is enriched with arts, leadership, and service, our students will finish high school well-prepared to take on their next challenge.

The ECS Difference:

  • Core Academic Preparation
    • Provides an academic foundation which promotes improved college readiness.


  • Daily Academic Remediation & Homework Program
    • Offers the ability to leave campus with priority homework completed.


  • Extended course
    • Provides students longer exposure to subject material to promote mastery and retention.


  • Small Class Sizes
    • Provides students engagement within an optimized learning environment.
Mathematics courses will provide competency in algebra and geometry.

Occupational Education will provide opportunities to learn practical skills, such as using computers, consumer education, and yearbook design.

Physical Education helps students embrace physical fitness throughout their lives through active participation in class activities that emphasize sportsmanship, determination, skills improvement and fun.

Science courses will cover topics in biology, anatomy, electronics, chemistry, and physics. There will be plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning in our well-equipped lab and out into the world.

Social Science courses offer insights into history, culture and government in our local region, the US, Western Civilization and the World. Electives include exploration of world issues, psychology, and sociology.

Spanish will be offered to juniors and seniors to develop skills in written and spoken Spanish as well as cultural understanding.

Drama will be designed to provide opportunities for interested students to explore and develop their gifts in the theatre arts.

Music courses will be able to participate in either vocal or instrumental groups.

Visual Arts courses will explore a variety of visual media, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and graphic design.
English – 4 credits
• English 9: Literature, Composition and Grammar
• English 10: Literature & Composition
• English 10: Speech
• English 11: American Literature
• English 11: British Literature
• English 12: Advanced Composition
• English 12: World Literature

Social Sciences – 6 credits
• Global Insights
• Pacific Northwest History and Government
• Western Civilization
• United States History
• American Government
• Electives - World Issues, 20th Century History, Sociology, Psychology

Mathematics – 3 credits
• Algebra I
• Geometry
• Algebra II

Science – 2.5 credits
• Introduction to Physical Science
• General Biology

Electives – 2 credits
•Human Anatomy
•Physical Education and Health

Occupation Education – 2.5 credits
• Computer
• Choir
• Band
• Art
• Consumer Education
• Teacher’s Assistant
• Portfolio (.25 per year)

Total Required Subjects: 21 credits
Electives: 4 credits

Total Required: 25 credits
Through service-learning, ECS students can become better learners, classmates, and citizens, while making valuable contributions to their communities and engaging with diverse community members.  Furthermore, service-learning is essential because it provides students with opportunities to develop civic engagement skills.
The outdoors can provide space and freedom for a type of learning that is difficult to replicate indoors. All children have the right to experience the unique special nature of being outdoors. At ECS we feel it is important to enable children to use the outside environment as a context for learning throughout the year.   We will have three outdoor and service learning trips throughout the school year.