The primary goal of the admission process is to ensure that Emerald City School can completely address the student’s individual needs. Our curriculum constantly challenges students to achieve personal and academic goals.

What To Expect

During this visit, parents typically come in to discuss their student’s strengths and needs in detail with our team. We will also provide you with a detailed discussion of our academic offerings, as well as a tour of our facility.
Below are the required documents for the application process. Documents can be returned via email to or by mail.

If it is determined that your student can be served at ECS, they will be invited to join us for a shadow day, in order to get a feel for our school. This visit typically consists of a combination of classroom/academic instruction, social/free choice time, and and electives such as fine arts or PE. Observing your student in these various settings helps us get a feel for who they are as a learner, as well as give them a chance to try ECS on for size. Students typically shadow along side same-aged peers, and follow the daily schedule set forth for the day.