Admissions Info

The primary goal of the admission process is to ensure that Emerald City School can completely address the student’s individual needs. Our curriculum constantly challenges students to achieve personal and academic goals.

Our admissions team utilizes the following information to carefully evaluate each candidate:



  • Parent Application with non-refundable fee of $150.00
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Teacher Recommendation Form
  • Copies of current year report cards and the final report from the previous school year and/or IEPs (if applicable)
  • A complete psych-educational assessment done by a qualified professional within three years of application to Emerald City School.
  • Copies of Standardized Group Achievement Test results.
  • Parent Interview and Student Interview with Shadow Day Visit

If a complete psycho-educational assessment has not been completed, please ask us for assistance and a referral. The assessment must include the following detailed subtests:

  • Results of a diagnostic interview, which includes cognitive testing, achievement testing and psychosocial evaluation.
  • Measures of information processing: These instruments should evaluate working memory, short and long term memory, processing speed, auditory processing, and graphomotor skill and automaticity.
  • Assessments to rule in or out Attention Deficit Disorder, with scores that reflect both objective and subjective criteria. Examples are: BASC2, Acters, Conners, Gordon Diagnostic and TOVA.
  • Results must include a specific diagnosis and actual test scores using standard and percentile scores.


Tuition Schedule:
Grades 1-5, $25,750
Grades 6-8, $27,810
Grade 9, $29,870