520 Denny Way
Seattle, WA 98109
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A personalized learning community in the heart of Seattle, Emerald City School is nestled between the vibrant Seattle Center and South Lake Union neighborhoods. We offer a comprehensive, inclusive, and nurturing instructional setting for students with learning difficulties in grades 1 through 9. Within our small classes, our students experience daily success and the joy of building new foundational skills and exploring new vistas in a safe, contemporary, and caring educational environment.

Whether your child needs help in reading, math, written language, oral language, organization, executive function or social skills, our caring and skilled faculty will ensure your child’s needs are met. Our approach is based on your child’s learning patterns and responses as well as evolving research on learning and attention problems.

In addition to achieving school success, Emerald City School embraces the idea of “life success”. We have developed a research-based “success attributes” program to help our students reach their full potential and lead happy, rewarding, and productive lives. The Emerald City School approach strives to help students succeed in both school AND life.

Learning should be engaging and experiential. Our location in the heart of Seattle allows our students to take advantage of the many fine arts opportunities and educational resources that await them outside the traditional classroom walls.

Parent Testimonial

“We can’t even describe our relief at finding Emerald City School this year. Our child’s self confidence has soared in a short period of time, and although he has always enjoyed school, he feels even more positive and supported at ECS. To hear him say, ‘I’m learning so much and I actually like to read now’ is what every parent wants to hear. Thank you again for everything you do, the after hour emails, attention to developing the whole child, and your confidence building positivity. We are so fortunate.”

-NF and GG